Our designs evolve out of a deep understanding of the architecture, topography, and quality of light unique to the Bay Area. The result is a modern architecture that is particular to its place.

Our buildings pay attention to the interplay of light, materials, and the formal qualities of structure to create resonant spaces. We work in an interactive way: we listen to each client, ask probing questions, hatch ideas, and expand and refine them until we’ve achieved a design that is not only highly functional, but also economical and elegant.
Our staff of seasoned professionals shares a passion for design and a commitment to making buildings that make a significant contribution to society. In all our work, from private commissions to community structures, to affordable housing, we apply the same sensitivity to the urban fabric and the experience of the space’s interior.
Our aim is to design buildings that are both rational and enduring—buildings that are a logical outcome of the specific needs of our clients and the unique quality of their locale. We strive to create buildings that feel as though they were meant to be there.