Parcel O is a new, 108-unit affordable housing development in Hayes Valley. The large site is broken down into smaller building masses around a central court. The project incorporates townhouses with traditional apartments and includes a spacious community room, counseling offices, and family day care. The central courtyard will be the primary gathering space for the community with barbecue, seating areas, and access to all amenities. From the courtyard, a passage connects to the community garden. Additional outdoor spaces include an upper courtyard with plantings, a play area outside the day care, and a fifth floor landscaped deck providing contemplative outdoor space. Retail at Laguna and Fell extends the pattern of the neighborhood. Ground floor apartments with raised stoops wrap the perimeter of the site and activate the street. In addition, this Green Point Rated project will incorporate sustainable features to enhance quality of life such as natural day-lighting, strategies to increase indoor air quality, bike parking and car share spaces.